The Jardim de Alah neighborhood in Salvador, received in early September, the Bahia Food Park. In addition to the foodtrucks, the event also included children's play area with bouncy, slides and artistic painting. 

During the event, the cars Leka Food Truck, 4Rodas, Sushi Trucks, Steak Grill, Paullu's Garage and Joker took part in the Duel Foodtrucks, in which participants created special recipes with an ingredient selected for production, signed by chef Leka Hattori. In this edition, the chosen ingredient was the Spice Braised Maggi. 

In addition to traditional foodtrucks, the event was the vehicle of Kombita Chopp Truck with beer Heineken, and mellows of Mr. Churros, Bristolé Picoleteria Gourmet and Sugar Yummy Desserts. 

Bahia Food Park also presented a musical program. One of the attractions was the Classudos project - Rap Jazz, who made a mixture of Rap with Jazz.