The Garden of Allah is the point of the aisles of Salvador, where most clubs weapon their tents, especially on Saturdays, making the place a great meeting. From there the students set out to do your workouts, both in Barra sense and in the sense Itapuã. The track floor in Jardim de Alah route to Itapuã has a length of 10 km and is not very good, because it arose from the transformation of the old boardwalk, which was coated Portuguese stone and gave way to a shared track with a bike path. It is also a bit narrow and has some inaccuracies. But just the fact of being entirely oceanfront, no buildings on the other hand, turns the area into a very nice place to run. Moreover, passing by the beautiful frame of beaches, River Mouth, Privateer, Landings, Jaguaribe, Piata and Placafor. 

The Boca do Rio beach where flows the Rio das Pedras, has a jogging track built on the seafront and is frequented by many people who practice physical exercises. A grass strip is between the sand and the race track. The soft, fine sand is ideal for endurance racing and sports training.