The Spring Festival, one of the most anticipated moments in the city's calendar of events will be held this year from 21 to 30 September. Newsy, the festival this year will take place for the first time at different points of the city, especially public spaces of great importance to the soteropolitanos, such as the City Park, Red River and Old Town. It will also have activities such as the Fair City in the median of Centennial Avenue, shares in Barra and professor Magalhães Neto Avenue. A festival with music, sport, gastronomy, leisure, theater, dance, circus, literature, crafts, bikes, fairs and quality of life for soteropolitanos and tourists. 

In all there will be over 36 hours of music and more than 100 activities in this 4th edition of one of the biggest events. Among the actions that will win the soteropolitanos are the show the great voice of the new generation of MPB, the singer and songwriter Maria Gadu, and Band Blitz, commanded by the irreverence of singer and actor Evandro Mesquita. In addition to presentations in the main cultural spaces in the city, special events in Pelourinho Day & Night design, the preparation of the 1st edition of the gastronomic festival Spring Gourmet, a super skateboard competition, achieving the largest gathering cyclist of the year among many other actions that promise to mark the spring 2016. 

Complete schedule and more information at: http://festivaldaprimavera.salvador.ba.gov.br