The cuisine from Bahia is the untouched demonstration of it's people's culture, influenced by the African ancestors. There is a whole variety of dishes which can only be found in Bahia.

Even though the whole province's cuisine is rather unique, Salvador has yet an even more diversified and offers all kinds of food: Mexican, southern, Japanese, Italian, French, &c.

Across the entire city, Fridays are reserved for local food from Bahia and you shall not leave the city without at least trying one of it's specialties – such as moqueca, caruru, acarajé and mackerel.

I hope you enjoy the tips and let them inspire your next visit to Salvador.

Where to Eat in Salvador

  •  A CUBANA 
A Cubana Ice Creams, since 1930 finds itself located at some of the key sightseeing spots of Salvador (Elevador Lacerda and Pelourinho), dedicating itself to the manufacturing of the best crafted ice creams, settling as a meeting point for couples and families in love with their ice creams. The Ice Cream shop has conquered the acknowledgement as the most traditional company in town, becoming one of the local "heritage sites of Bahia".
Specialty: Ice Creams
Pricing: $$
Address: Rua Pernambuco, 2269 | Loja Pituba, Salvador, Bahia 41830-390, Brasil
Phone: (71) 3013-0304
Specialty: Barbecue
Pricing: $$$$
Address: Avenida Octávio Mangabeira s/n | Jd. Armação, in front of the old Aeroclube
Phone: (71) 3362-8844
A blend of restaurant and memory center, the Casa Di Vina occupies one of the former residences of the poet Vinícius de Moraes and his ex-wife Gessy Gesse, in Itapuã. Raised in 1974, the beautiful project is signed by the local architects Jamison Pedra and Sílvio Robatto. The mediterranean cuisine restaurant opened it's doors in 2015 and kept it's original living structure. It has also earned further appreciation given the personal objects donated by Gessy. The couple's living room, for instance, is decorated with the poet's guitar and typing machine, where the original lyrics for "Tarde em Itapuã" lay down.
Specialty: Mediterrânea
Pricing: $$$$
Address: Rua Flamengo, 44 - Farol de Itapuã
Phone: (71) 3014-8730
Specialty: Brazilian, Seafood, Mediterranean, South American.
Pricing: $$$
Address: Av Prof Magalhaes Neto, 1273 | Lot Aquárius, Pituba
Phone: (71) 3359-9000
Placed in a loft, it offers buffet service with 40 dishes and 12 kinds of deserts.
Specialty: Baiana
Pricing: $$
Address: Praça José de Alencar, 13, Pelourinho
Phone: (71) 3321-5502
The restaurant is visited by the residents of Salvador and offers local treats for affordable prices. 
Specialty: Baiana
Pricing: $$
Address: Avenida Otávio Mangabeira, 36 - Jardim Armação
Phone: (71) 3461-7333 / (71) 3461-7037
Specialized in seafood, it offers fresh fishes and general seafood.
Specialty: Varied
Pricing: $$$$
Address: R. Prof. Souza Brito, 41 - Itapuã
Phone: (71) 3375-2623

The house of the chef Beto Pimentel is one of the most beloved ones by the population of Salvador. A fair amount of the fruits used in it's recipes come straight from the orchard found behind the restaurant, which also bets in less known ingredients.
Specialty: Baiana
Pricing: $$$$
Address: R. Edgar Loureiro, 98 B - Cabula
Phone:  (71) 3384-7464

  • SOHO
With a great view to Baía de Todos os Santos and a fine decoration, the house fancies in it's treats such as the Shrimp's Sohomaki, which combines shellfish with cream cheese and salmon slices. The special Combinado is very successful - a mix of sushis and sashimis prepared according to the ingredients of the day.
Specialty: Japanese
Pricing: $$$$
Address: Av. Lafayete Coutinho, 1.010, Píer D (Bahia Marina)
Phone: (71) 3322-4554
In the house, founded in 1931, there are offered 65 ice cream flavors. Amongst the tradicional, there are a dozen of exotic ones! After picking yours, step to the other side of the street and appreciate the bucolic view to the beach, sprinkled by countless colorful fishermen boats and many sailboats.
Specialty: Ice Creams
Pricing: $$
Address: Praça General Osório, 87, Ribeira
Phone: (71) 3316-5451

One of the most traditional addresses in Salvador, the immense house bears three salons and two balconies decorated with symbols from fishermen houses. As an entrance, there is the very successful crabcatcher; and as a main dish, the moqueca de camarão reigns unquestioned.
Specialty: Baiana
Address: Av. Otávio Mangabeira, 4.655 - Jardim Armação
Phone: (71) 3461-9010 

Spring Festival in Salvador

The Spring Festival, one of the most anticipated moments in the city's calendar of events will be held this year between 21 and September 30

Food Trucks and space kids come to Jardim de Alah

Bahia Food Park happened in early September, with children's play area with bouncy, slides and artistic painting.

Point of Corridors Salvador

Great meeting of the corridors of Salvador, Jardim de Alah gathers most racing clubs, they lie in their tents, especially on Saturdays.